Fabulous Tropical Trees for an Indoor Area

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Summer is here and I believe the forecast will be sunshine. It’s time to start the margarita recipes and send out those out-of-office memos. And although it all sounds cool and all, if you really face facts, you will probably be sitting very close to the A.C. and eating leftovers so you don’t have to go out in the sweltering heat.

Don’t worry! We can add some joy to those summer blues. You can add some cool looking trees to your house plant mix and make your apartment or home have that beach-like look. W we have 5 recommendations for trees that will bring the outdoors inside.

Dracaena ‘Tarzan

this is a really cool cuz he can tolerate lower lights. The Dracaena Tarzan is a pig tropical type of tree that looks sort of like an indoor palm tree. this is the type of plan to let you imagine that you’re in the 5-star hotel in the tropics.  So go get your sunglasses, put on the tunes, and make those pina Coladas. Enjoy the summer without the sweltering heat.

Trichilia ‘Natal Mahogany

if you think you have a problem with over-watering your indoor plants, then this is the tree for you. It is a big and bushy tree with dark green leaves. it can fill up large empty spaces for those of you who have too much space in too little furniture.

The Trichilia Natal Mahogany All perception last summary feeling you want to have indoors. You just have to be sure to water it regularly, even list the leaves often to give it that warm humid environment it needs.

Rhapis Palm

Pictures of a really cool indoor tropical tree that looks like a palm tree but not so much. dark fronds look like fans. The trunk has a lot of texture too which can be an interesting focal point in a room. one of the best features of this tree is that it is really easy to care for.

Ficus Lyrata

The designer seems to love this tree and tends to call it the fiddle leaf fig. the tree has large leaves and can be a real focal point in a large room. Just be aware that it does need some sunlight and requires a nice sized space.

Monstera deliciosa

This is more of a plant than it is a tree. But it’s quite large and easy to care for. Place it on top of a stand to make it look taller and you’re set to enjoy the summer. All you need to do is go out and get those margaritas.

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